Thursday, April 06, 2006


Taken October 10, 2005 on the occasion of my grandmother's 80th birthday.

Today, my dear grandmother (dad's side) went under the knife to remove a lump from her left breast. Her watering eyes, her slow movements, her 80-years-on-the-Earth-edness paled to the news that she had cancer. Today, she lost a bit of herself, but the rest of her promises to stick around for a while yet. Thankfully.

This is a chain that she's worn for years. On it you see a couple of crosses, a Mary medallion and a Ukrainian trident. Of course, it was rather odd of her grandson taking a picture of his grandmother's chest, but given what that chest had to endure today, I'm glad I caught a piece of something that has brought her comfort. She needs it. Posted by Picasa

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