Saturday, June 17, 2006


Taken today, June 17, 2006 on Dundas Street East as well as Oak Street, in Regent Park, Toronto.

Slowly, the Regent Park public housing project, oops, can't call it a "project", is being redeveloped in a style more akin to the St. Lawrence pr....NEIGHBOURHOOD. This time, instead of warehousing the poor, oops, don't call them "poor", they're going to mix the income level of the residents up in an attempt to get everybody to get along. It'll be interesting to see how the Money Mart crowd will mingle with the monied in such a paradoxical environment. We shall see.

This morning, I spyed a fascinating sight: the elevator shafts of three demolished buildings. Soon, they will join the rest of the debris at the bottom of the, uh, shaft. In the meantime, we're given a unique opportuntity to see part of the skeleton of public housing.

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