Sunday, December 03, 2006

Death and Resurrection

Wow! You're still looking here! I'm amazed and grateful for your attentive eyes! I've had a couple of occasions which have prevented me from posting here over the past few months. First, my grandmother recently passed away and since then, my brain hasn't exactly been on picture taking. Second, my dear HP R817 suddenly died on me last week.

I was attending a Sloan concert at the Kool Haus in Toronto and was taking some sample shots of the opening band, The Yoko Casionos (I LOVE that name! Great band, too), when the death occurred. My final shot, number 5772, was this:

(OK, it's not exactly "going out with a bang" but this is history we're talking about here)

What caused the premature demise was one of the camera settings called "Theatre Mode", which allows you to take indoor shots with a high ISO setting, no flash and a relatively quick shutter speed. Well, I set the camera to go into Theatre Mode on startup and turned off the camera. When I turned on the camera, it gave the HP version of the Blue Screen Of Death.

Perhaps this was the Universe's signal for me to enjoy the concert for once and not worry about getting killer souvenir shots. The concert was indeed wonderful, as it usually is with them, but I still managed to use my camera phone to get souvenirs that look like this:

Ugh. 2 MegaPixels never looked so so-so.

Numerous e-mails to HP support (and yes, I followed their instructions) hadn't fixed the problem, so I had to make a quick decision. The camera was out-of-warranty, so any repairs would cost me. Plus I had bought a spare battery and accesssory kit for the HP and if I were to return them, I had to move fast.

So, I bought a new camera yesterday. A Canon A710 IS. Gorgeous camera. 7.1 MegaPixels, 6x optical zoom, and DOESN'T USE PROPRIETARY $70 BATTERIES! AA's will do quite nicely, and cheaply. More details here:

And thus begins a new era. I present you IMG_0001.jpg. Cropped and decoloured, of course.

So, on behalf of my cat Athena and myself, I'd like to thank you for reading through all that. I promise I'll stick closer to "just photos" from here on in.


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