Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Toronto Rocked!

(photo stolen from Michael Hainsworth's blog entry on John's passing http://hainsworth.com/?p=1443 , with apologies for the way it was originally "pasted")

In 1992, when City was celebrating its 20th anniversary on the air, they invited people to go down to Speakers Corner with their fondest remembrances of the station. In my curly mullet and 4-years-out-of-fashion Love & Rockets t-shirt, I sat down, plopped in a loonie, and told about the one show that made my day each and every day.

Toronto Rocks!

If I remember my fawning words properly, I said something about host John Majhor epitomizing '80's cool', whatever that was, and that the show wasn't the same after he left.

I had the opportunity to speak to him whilst lining up at Exhibition Stadium for tickets for some concert, Wham! I think, as he pulled up in the 1050 chum Camaro. I told him how great he was, to which he was most appreciative, and I felt like I'd met my own "King of All Media", which was only TV and Radio at the time.

John Majhor died today, aged 53.

John, thank you. You made a 16 yr old radio fan's day, and I hope you're spinning your own private playlist to an angelic audience. RIP, indeed...

Fade to video.....


Michael said...

Hey there, I generally don't appreciate people lifting photos directly from my site since it means I pay for the bandwidth on someone else's page.

Under the circumstances, however, a link to the article when you click on the photo (instead of jpg) would be a good quid-pro-quo.



photoBlair said...

Sorry about that, Michael. I was unaware of the bandwidth issue and I've made the requested correction. Thanks for letting me use the shot. Big fan, love ya, blah blah blah. ;-)