Friday, March 02, 2007

Viva La Nightmare!

What a nightmare yesterday was! The snow 'bomb' that hit the Toronto area on Thursday created an ugly scene on and near Yonge Street and Highway 7 in Richmond Hill. Normally, YRT's VIVA bus service provides a quick, comfortable ride across Highway 7 and up and down Yonge, however yesterday, those slick, modern, sexy buses earned another adjective: USELESS.

Now the 40-foot AG330 VanHools were just fine, however the articulated, 60-foot AG300's were stuck on even the slightest of inclines, wheels spinning, going nowhere fast. A trip from Commerce Valley Drive and Highway 7 to Finch Station, normally a 25 minute trip, took over 2 hours last night.

Blame it on the weather, but the bus was already nowhere.

End rant. Here are some shots from VIVA's Day 1 back in 2005. Note the utter lack of snow.

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rabbitupnorth said...

Viva sorta got bogged down. Good shot.