Tuesday, May 01, 2007

At The Drive In

On the border between Port Hope and Cobourg, Ontario is an anchronism. The Port Hope Drive-In, located ironically on the Cobourg side of Theatre Road, still pumps out the latest and greatest (?) two-at-a-time, every weekend. During the day, though.... you'd swear that the last customers they had were decades ago...

Field of Film

Playing Now

Screening Room


Speakers Corner

Sadly, the equally-old-school 2-screen Park Theatre, located in downtown Cobourg hasn't survived the changing times. Closed as a cinema since the early 90s, it was briefly resurrected as the Alcatraz Night (Nite?) Club before finally going dark for good.

Photos taken Saturday, April 21, 2007 in Cobourg, Ontario.

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Anonymous said...

The Park Theatre has been re-opened as a live event theatre called Park Playhouse and Performing Arts Centre. The future plans include specialty film viewings as well