Friday, June 29, 2007

After The Gold Rush

On Wednesday, June 27th, pretty much everything in Sam The Record Man that wasn't nailed down, and a fair bit that WAS, was auctioned off to folks, like me, who have fond memories of the grand dame of Canadian music retail. I visited the store after the auction was over to see what was left and this is part of what it looked like:

Yesterday's Hits

Today's Divider Cards

...if not Soul albums



My final purchase: Phish - Live Phish volume 7 ($14.99 - 30% = $10.49)

(As a postscript, I went back today to see if there was anything left and what WAS left was mostly crap. Even at 50% off, it wasn't worth the effort. Tomorrow is the final day for 347 Yonge Street, and you can bet that I'll be there)

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