Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Toast @ The Old RO

Stoodley fumbles his ball, Stephanie Beaumont gets the joke, Karen (may you find another gig quickly!) Solomon smiles amicably in this August 11, 2006 screen cap

With the latest round of cuts at CHRO, er The New RO, make that A-Channel, I mean "A" Ottawa, my mind drifted back to a more pleasant time. When Stoodley was mocked roundly by the "NewROchick" on the Frank Forum, when Allan Waters was still alive and CHUM-ming, and when I was able to take a tour of the CHUM Market Media Mall. The year was 2004.

And yet, even then, when Paul Martin was about to call an election, CTV loomed large on the Ottawa landscape. And no, it wasn't just Leigh Chapple or Max Keeping's perm.

Photos taken May 23 and 25, 2004 and August 11, 2006 in Ottawa, Ontario.

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