Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Don Mills Centre - 2006

Coles closed.

Best job ever - Summer 1988 at Music World

Walking in climate-controlled comfort. How gauche.

You were here.

Don Mills Montage in situ

Coming Soon?

nee Eaton's

Photos taken in April and May, 2006, prior to the world's longest redevelopment project, World Trade Center excluded, at former Don Mills Centre, North York Ontario.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the opportunity to relive these memories of the routine.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed seeing the last gasp of the old enclosed Don Mills Centre. The new centre is certainly well done but I am not sure how such high end stores will survive. Not the Don Mills I remember but there is nothing certain in life except change!

Anonymous said...

Wow amazing to see those photos in December 2012 as the old Don Mills Centre I remember is now a distant memory. I agree with the former comment about so many high end stores and how will they all survive but the market will sort that out as it always does.

Funny to see the old Dominion store, my first real job, is now a Metro but learn to love change as it will always be with you!

David, Christmas 2012

Anonymous said...

I remember walking through the mall about a week before everything closed other than the RBC building and the Jack Astor's. It was sad to see it go, as I had many childhood memories here.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you for these photos! I've been forever looking for a picture of the area immediately west of the upper entrance to Eatons. Your second-to-last photo is that area. There was a cafeteria located here. I can remember going with my parents and grandparents and getting lunch with cubes of jello for dessert.