Saturday, April 18, 2009

Record Store Day - The Haul

So up and early we were, headed for a lovely day in Niagara, but first, some shopping.

Before heading out, I took a peek online to see which stores were participating in this year's edition of Record Store Day. Hmm... Hamilton is on the way, sorta. Now, my wife is a patient person, but when it comes to record shopping, I think that she'd rather spend the day spooning her eyes out than wander through the racks of a music store, especially used stores.

Well today, her patience was well rewarded. We wound up at Dr. Disc in downtown Hamilton, who, unlike the nearby Cheapies, was not only participating in RSD, but was also offering 50% off anything that was "previously enjoyed". (It's at this point where my adrenaline kicks in and pretty much anything looks like a good deal which today, it really was!)

The haul at stop one consisted of a few used CDs: Ariane Moffatt, Hey Rosetta!, Lava Hay (for the Mrs.), and a couple of instrumental CDs on an offshoot of I.R.S. Records from the 80s called NoSpeak by Stewart Copeland and William Orbit. Probably the biggest deal today was a 4 CD set by Donald Fagen (of Steely Dan). His three solo albums were augmented by a disc of bonuses all on discs that had additional videos and live footage included. Last night, I saw this box at Sunrise for $75. Today, I bought a used copy for TEN BUCKS! I feel almost sad for omitting Dr. Disc from my "love" list from yesterday's blogs. Almost.

I also picked up a couple of new CDs: The Who Sell Out, Deluxe Edition (for $9 less than HMV) and a new album by Booker T (of the MGs fame). Unfortunately, there weren't any discounts on new titles, but after the Fagen find, it didn't really matter.

My wife picked out a few DVDs that warranted the $3 to $5 post-discount price, plus a season of Frasier for her dad. I can't wait to see For Your Consideration.

After our afternoon and evening in Niagara, we stopped in at Sunrise downtown to see whatever leftover swag they had, where I got a couple of samplers and a Record Store Day tote bag. Well, that and the Pearl Jam "Ten" deluxe reissue which came with a 20% discount for the day.


Now if only I could spend $150 and get this much EVERY day.

(I'd be broke)

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