Friday, April 17, 2009

Record Stores - The Out of Towners

Being a chronic, obsessed, music purchaser, most of my vacations revolve around the local record store. Some places, like Rochester, NY's House of Guitars don't put price tags on their product. Others, like Buffalo's legendary Home of the Hits, had generic price tags.

Then there's the dearly missed Record Runner, probably the best record store ever in Ottawa. Of course, them's fightin' words, but I always managed to buy something every time I visited.

Then there are chains like Virgin, which decided to abandon their US operations this year, and who managed to operate two airport-based stores in Ottawa and Toronto, as well as a mega-store in Vancouver in the early 2000s.

What Sam's was to Toronto, Harmony House was to Detroit. A family-owned chain who eventually shut down due to downloads and cut-throat competition from the big boxes.

Cheap Thrills still carries on on Metcalfe Street in Montreal, but back in the day, the bargains were to be had a few blocks west on Bishop, where this Big Audio Dynamite 12" single came into my life.

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