Saturday, November 28, 2009


A week in Florida was spent shopping, walking, driving, shopping, (nearly) drowning, eating, shopping, and, occasionally, picture taking. I bought 3 cameras with me: My trusty Canon 7.1MP point-and-shoot, my Sony a200 DSLR and my new toy, a Casio EX-z90 12.1MP point-and-shoot. I could have saved some of my carry-on allowance cuz the Casio was the only one I used. Here are some examples:

Christmas on Bradenton Beach

Weapons? Yeah, I suppose

Classy Daytona Accommodations

The Shallow End of the Ocean

Winter Park Station

Kissimmee Palm

Morning Rush

Photos taken between November 17 and 21 in Kissimmee, Daytona Beach, Winter Park, Orlando and Bradenton Beach, Florida

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