Sunday, January 17, 2010

Everything Must Go

Yesterday, the city of Laredo, Texas lost it's sole general bookstore. Barnes & Noble, creator of the Nook, another electronic bookstore killer in itself, shuttered its mall-based B. Dalton bookstore chain. Now, nearly a quarter-million people have to settle for whatever Walmart or Target think they want to read, and despite an excellent library system, those for whom internet service isn't in the budget, owning a classic, or any title that's not on the top 20, will now be a 150 mile drive away. In true Canuckistani style, my vulture-pick was Paul Shaffer's autobiography. They had several copies, if I remember correctly.

And continuing a trend seen up here with the death of chains like Sam The Record Man and Music World, another Sam, this time Sam Goody, closed the only record store in downtown San Antonio. Further evidence that the value of that wall of CDs or wall of books people have collected for years is becoming less valuable as days go by...

My vulture pick was the deluxe version of Warren Zevon's first album for Asylum. A total steal for $13.

Photos taken January 5 and 7, 2009 at Mall del Norte, Laredo, TX, and Rivercenter Mall, San Antonio, TX.

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