Sunday, August 29, 2010


Back in 1988, while pretending to be an Urban Planning student at Ryerson, I had the opportunity to work in Canada's first master planned community, Don Mills. Now, the job wasn't exactly planning-related, although Music World did give me plans to get out of planning and into record retail (both long-gone fantasies). Don Mills Centre as it was died in 1996, as I've posted about here: , and was reborn as The Shops at Don Mills, which I posted about here:

Well yesterday, in an adjacent strip-plaza on the Donway West, a sign emerged from beneath one for a recently-deceased Blockbuster Video, one for the classic Canadian catalogue chain Consumers Distributing, which itself died in 1996. I was tempted to go ask for a fondue set or shag area rug, but just like back then, they were likely out of stock.

Photos taken August 29, 2010 on The Donway West in Don Mills/North York/Toronto, Ontario

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