Monday, June 20, 2011

Mather Arch

At the southern entrance (/exit) to the Niagara Parkway, adjacent to the glorious Peace Bridge, sits a monument dedicated to peaceful coexistence of the two countries linked by the bridge. Built through the "vision and generosity" of Alonzo C. Mather, an American who made his mark through the construction of steel rail cars, the Mather Park Gate (more commonly known as the Mather Arch) was used upon its completion in 1939 as the access portal to the Niagara Parkway from Highway 3 (now Garrison Road) in Fort Erie.

In 2000, the Niagara Parks Commission restored the landmark to a "renewed state of splendour". The arch no longer serves its original purpose as a gateway, but is still accessible from both Garrison Road and the Niagara Parkway and serves as an impressive location to view the Peace Bridge, Niagara River and Buffalo shoreline.

Photos taken on June 11, 2011 in Fort Erie, Ontario.

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