Friday, November 23, 2012

Sloan Plays Twice Removed

Twice Removed, the contract-killing, anti-Smeared album which regularly floats near the top of any self-respecting CanRock record list received a mega-sized re-release from our favourite group of local Haligonians this year and to celebrate, Sloan put it all out there for everybody to enjoy.

Well, except for D Is For Driver, but that might be saved for the Japanese tour, who knows.

Last night's sold-out concert at the Phoenix Concert Theatre started about 45 minutes later, but thankfully that's right about the time my camera and I were able to arrive. The first set was a complete run-through of the 1994 album, conveniently divided into Side 1 and 2 by guitarist Patrick Pentland. At the very end of Side 2 appeared a wonderful surprise in the form of Jennifer Pierce who got to play the "girl part" on I Can Feel It, allowing Chris Murphy to concentrate on bass playing.

After a  45-minute break (!), the band was back to run through the "Greatest Hits" portion of the evening, starting with the brilliantly-segued Everything You've Done Wrong and Who Taught You To Live Like That? This part of the show seemed to concentrate more on the band's output from the last 10 years, featuring non-hits from Parallel Play (Emergency 911, Witches Wand), Never Hear The End Of It (Fading Into Obscurity) and last year's The Double Cross, which allowed for the well-tied Beverly Terrace and Shadow of Love, both of which include the chorus from the latter.

The obligatory crowd pleaser Money City Maniacs brought out the chorus of "Hey You"s and then it was time for the pre-encore break. Ms. Pierce re-joined the band for I Am The Cancer, as she did when the song was recorded for 1993's Smeared album. Losing California, Jay Ferguson's The Lines You Amend (the "George" single from the hopefully soon-to-also-receive-the-superdeluxe-treatment One Chord To Another) and the song which started it all, Underwhelmed, brought the evening to a triumphant close.

Photos taken on November 22, 2012 at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto, Ontario.

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