Sunday, January 13, 2013

Roosevelt Island Tramway

 A Roosevelt Island-bound tram with the Ed Koch/Queensboro/59th Street/Feelin' Groovy Bridge in the background

 Roosevelt Island from above the East River
Tram above Second Avenue, Manhattan

Built in 1976, the Roosevelt Island Tramway connects its namesake island to Manhattan at the corner of Second Avenue and 60th Street on the Upper East Side. It parallels the Queensboro Bridge, which was recently renamed in honour of former New York mayor Ed Koch, and is one of only two ways on or off the island that doesn't involve nautical navigation. A one-way trip costs the same as a ride on the bus or subway, $2.25, and takes about 3 minutes. More info on the tramway can be found here.

Photos taken on January 9, 2013 on Roosevelt Island, above the East River and on Second Avenue in New York City, NY.

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