Saturday, August 03, 2013

The Portage Flyer

Tucked away behind the Huntsville Centennial Arena Canada Summit Centre (home for media types who had to truck themselves up to Muskoka for the 2010 G8 Summit) is Huntsville Heritage Place, a re-creation of ye olden dayes of Muskoka. On the site is your standard museum, pioneer village, and most excitingly, the Portage Flyer.

The Portage Flyer is a steam-powered locomotive which re-creates a portage route (albeit not using the same portage route used in days of yore) between Huntsville and Fairy Lake. The former portage extended as far as Peninsula Lake, but this short-turn gives you an idea of the terrain it had to traverse as you travel along the Muskoka River. The steam locomotive usually only operates during the summer months, given the effort (and costs) required to get it started and operational. During the shoulder seasons, a diesel locomotive does the job, but on this visit, the Flyer was full steam ahead. And back. More info on Muskoka Heritage Place can be found here.

Photos taken on July 13, 2013 on or near Camp Kitchen Road in Huntsville, Ontario.

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