Sunday, August 30, 2015

Super Burger PCC

About 75 minutes northwest of Toronto is the hamlet of Primrose. Now, it's nothing really, just the name for the eastern junction of Highways 10 and 89, but it's close to the town of Shelburne, approximately 5 km west. The "roadside attraction" of Primrose is a retired, decaying PCC streetcar which was sold for scrap in 1990 to James Nicolau, owner of Super Burger, one of two competing burger joints at the Primrose intersection.

For 25 years, the car has entertained folks headed to and from the Grey-Bruce cottage area (as well as the occasional transit nerd) looking for a decent burger with a side of nostalgia. However, car 4346's days are numbered. The owner is planning on constructing a new restaurant and his plans call for the removal of the PCC in order to make room for the new building. Removal is scheduled for sometime in September 2015, after which he'll have to compete with across-the-street rival Champ Burger solely on product quality and service, both of which were quite good. Where the streetcar winds up is unknown but for two and a half decades, it's brought a piece of the city to the Dufferin County countryside.

Photos taken at the junction of Highways 10 and 89 in Primrose, Ontario on August 29, 2015.

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