Saturday, May 28, 2016

Leslie Barns

In previous years, the Toronto Transit Commission has opened the doors to one of its several maintenance yards, such as Greenwood Yards, Russell Carhouse and Hillcrest Shops .

This year, as part of Doors Open, the TTC's brand new Leslie Barns were opened to the public to show where (eventually) 123 new Bombardier Flexity streetcars will be housed. By now, there should have been over 70 plying Toronto's streets. Production delays with the builder Bombardier has meant that only 20 are in the Commission's possession. One of these is being used for training purposes (4401), while the newest arrivals, cars 4420 and 4421 are undergoing testing. After several years of disrupting the neighbourhood surrounding the Barns, it gave the community an insight into what the source of their headaches and hopefully a source of pride for the entire city. That is if Bombardier manages to finally deliver the entire fleet.

Photos taken near Leslie Street and Lake Shore Boulevard East in Toronto, Ontario on May 28, 2016.

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